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8 miles, what?

Woke up this morning with the intent of meeting running partners for the first time in a couple of weeks for an easy 6. . . key word here is 'easy'. As it turns out I was given the wrong instructions and missed the appointed meeting place by, say a mile. . .I ended up running an easy 8 on my own which turned out not to be so easy. This old body ran hard and over the last two miles I picked up the pace, sprinted for ~ 100 yards and then recovered. In the coming year this is something that I will need to focus on, as well as my hillwork. ugh. GW Birthday is less than 2 months away. What am I thinking?!

hitting the gym

Woke up this morning to rain and just plain miserable conditions. I puttered around a bit and well, then took myself to the gym where I ergged for 5k and then knocked off a kick ass hill workout on the treadmill. Who says running full speed at a 14 incline is a bad thing?! uhm. .. when done for longer than 1 minute intervals it is. =)

easy 13.1. . or not

Got in from NYC late last night and for reasons that can only resemble insanity I agreed to run the 1/2 course with Sabo this morning. In typical fashion I was groggy and disoriented; decided it was around 30 degrees so didn't need the long sleeve wicking shirt but did need the fleece. . .oh and no fuel belt. Made it to Hyperion at 7:40, a full 10 minutes late and my partner was standing outside in the cold waiting. . .so, that fuel belt that I opted out of wearing because, 'oh, we'll be running right by my house. . .' at mile. . .2! instead of 7 in the race, would have come in handy as we made it up to Central Park and my tank was completely empty. I still don't know how I made it back down the hill and to the coffee shop without fainting. Next time, fuel belt is necessary. But lay down 13.1 we did and I didn't faint or become delirious and we actually sprinted at the end. It was a good run and a good way to burn off those extra holiday calories.

8 miles

In the spirit of recognizing that my writing about my training is just about as sporadic as the training itself, I've realized that writing about it may actually keep me accountable. Had plans to run with Walker, if and only if she was awake when I sent her an email informing her I was up and wanting to run. As it turned out, she sent me an email and I accidentally ran 8 miles. . . on an empty stomach. It wasn't until I checked the pedometer app that I found the source of my 'empty tank' symptoms. . .instead of only being 1/2 mile to her house, it's a full mile and. . .and it was only 20 degrees. Therefore, my body was burning calories to stay warm on top of those that I was burning running on an empty stomach. Duh, Holly, the tank was empty. But run I did and it felt great to throw down 8 miles.

6 Miles

I woke up this morning feeling a bit out of sync. I had this really weird dream in which a guy like Phelps was performing these incredible feats of athleticism only at the end of my dream the man was a friend of a friend and the military came and took him away. My guess is they wanted to perform tests on him to find the source of his superhuman powers. Yes, this is what my dreams are made of.
So, after rousing my tired body after only ~5 hours of sleep while I was brushing my teeth I realized that I wasn't going to make the 8:00 Hyperion group. At this point all efforts to make it out the door by 7:55 ceased, I ate breakfast and set off at 8:11 for a nice, easy run in the freezing (brisk?) morning. My nose became a faucet and my legs resembled chicken skin. . . but I was happy. The birds chattered and kept me company along the canal path and the River was crystal clear. It was a good morning to be out and about, even if it was only 20 degrees.

Marine Corps Marathon

The morning started out without a hitch. The knowledge acquired from running six marathons this year left me prepared and knowing full well what I needed to do, what I needed to have ready, the night before so as not to leave anything important behind. Before I dive into the details of the race it is best to take a look back. Saturday turned out to be just like the day before the Erie marathon I’d run in September, pouring buckets and just plain miserable. Fortunately, my family decided to stay up in DC the night before this marathon, having stayed in Fredericksburg last year and gone through the gauntlet of driving north up 95 and catching the Metro. Saturday night Team Fisher House hosted a team pasta dinner so we could mix and mingle and really get excited to run this marathon together. LCol Greg Gadson was the keynote speaker who told us about his journey of losing both legs to an IED in Baghdad to being an honorary member of the NY Jets Superbowl winning team. I was once again re…

4 miles

Broke out this morning for a quick slog through town. Calf muscle feels better, but ice is needed. Gearing up for MCM - hydrating, carb-loading and trying to get as much sleep and as little stress as I can manage.

18 . . . . make that 12 please

I started off this morning with little to no motivation to run. I had this massive long run looming over my head, it was bitter cold outside and I'd much rather prefer to spend my morning bundled up in my rocker with a nice cup of coffee. By the time I finally drug my sorry butt out the door it was 9:20 and the prospect of running 18 miles was no less daunting. I've never really experienced this feeling of wanting to bag on my long run before; I was in new territory. My plan was to run Bubba twice and then kick it back to the cannons via the trails. As soon as I hit the trails I resolved that if after my first loop I wanted to stop, I could stop. Bargaining with yourself on a long run is really an effective motivational tool. Only I never got to the point of making good on the bargain. On my way back up the backside of Hamilton's Crossing a muscle in my left calf let loose and running the 2.5 miles on the trail back to the road was about as much tolerance as I'…

XC 5k

It turned out to be a beautiful day despite the rains yesterday but the clouds came out about an hour before the gun went off and it was bitter cold. I like the cold so this shouldn't have been an issue but it was and I should have been smart about warming up instead of being flat-footed at the start. In the end I added a full minute to last year's finishing time but ended up taking 2nd place 18-29 age group. The lack of speedwork/hills in my training schedule really roared its ugly head but hey, it could be worse.

reclamation - 8 miles

This is usually just my training blog but today I reclaimed my passion for running. . . and that my friends, is noteworthy. Not long ago someone joined me on a path to completing his first ever marathon, MCM - with 2,600 miles between us running became the 'tie that binds'. For the past couple of days I've seriously neglected my training more than usual because it was too painful. I've learned my lesson and took my ass out the door for a nice long 8 miler. . . MCM is in 9 days - one 5k tomorrow; 18-miler on Sunday and then it's nice and easy next week. whew - bring it on!


Ran 3 easy miles this morning - am supposed to go for a long bike ride with T- this afternoon but a little 5k at a nice slow pace to get out the junk is a good thing. 3 miles in 28 minutes. . . could be worse!

Stonewall Jackson 20-miler

I really can't recall why I decided to run this race in the first place. Perhaps it was the chance to run a hard 20 miles with a running partner, perhaps it was to prove that I could still do it without batting an eye. Regardless of my reason, I did run and I ran with what strength I could muster. I discovered something about myself during this run; my mind is a powerful thing. It gives me strength to perform acts that would otherwise tear me down and I'd be unable to accomplish. I discovered that I do it because I can.

16 Miles

Had a hard time waking up this morning to run my 16 miler. It was crisp but I like the cold so all in all it was a beautiful morning. I hopped out of bed with exactly 10 minutes to get my butt out the door and I succeeded. . . taking the time to fill my fuel belt, braid my hair, AND wash my face. I grabbed a powerbar and crossed my fingers that C- would be late. Whew! One disaster averted because yes, indeed C- was running a few minutes late. So there I stood on the street corner, a scantly clad runner, chowing down on her mobile breakfast. The run itself was fairly uneventful, well, kind of. As we're running I mention to C- that I was up at 6:00 with my throat on fire. . . at which point she tells me that I shouldn't be running. Mind you, we're not even 1/2 mile into the run and so I lie and tell her I'm feeling just fine. By the time we reach the front lot to pick up S- and H- I'm feeling better and it's a beautiful morning, so what's there to c…

10 Miles Bike

So, it was a perfect morning for a run but I decided to get that nasty bit of work out of the way first. An hours worth of work turned into 4 and by the time I was ready to step away from the coffee cup and editing it was fast approaching noon. I puttered a bit and then decided to hop on the trainer for a nice ride. Hell, I've been running stronger this past week and part of me suspects this has something to do with the cross-training. Hey, it can't hurt. My legs still feel like Jello when I'm done and if I take the time to lift and do some ab work it's probably a better workout and keeps me off my feet. Tomorrow I have 16 in the AM - I'm excited!

4 miles

Today was kind of a whirlwind run. It was the kind of day at work that I really resented being so good at my job. By degree I'm a cultural anthropologist; by trade I'm a technical editor. . . when I get my hands on a document I see things the way a composer sees the notes, or the way an artist looks at a canvas. It's really uncanny and annoying because when I see a tiny detail to change, 'oh, it'll only take me 10 minutes.' turns into a whole revamping of the document. . . whew! That is neither here nor there. After getting lost in my work and missing my afternoon snack AND failed to drink my daily requirement for water (!!!!) I rushed out at 4:55 to meet with C- the newcomer to our little running circle for a quick and easy 4-miler. I should mention that C- is a young Marine who runs at least 1.5 - if not 2 min/mile faster than me. It was a good run, good temps - definitely one to put down as a 'tempo' run. Let's see, tomorrow is Friday. …


Just ran 5 amazing miles. I've been slacking recently; having an absolutely horrible marathon two weeks ago pretty much sums up any and all excuses. Instead of listening to those excuses, and the many others which have found their way into my repertoire, I tore out the door tonight and ran 5 miles in 42 minutes. Don't ask me how I did it. I suspect that it being 50 degrees and perfect out had something to do with it. Perhaps it also had something to do with the mere fact that I seem to run better in the dark.
Tomorrow I have 4 scheduled - let's hope it goes just as smooth.

Five Miles

It's been over a week - so here it goes. . . ran 5 miles this morning around town. It was a beautiful morning; nice, cool, brisk - a nice stiff breeze and perfect temps. I've decided to take a different approach since I'm starting to feel the symptoms of a burnout. (one can't stay in permanent training and expect to stay fresh) Left my watch at home and when I felt myself pushing I forced myself to pull back and relax. The goal is to put the fun back into my running and just do it for myself again. I know what I need to do to get the job done so. . . bottom's up!

Erie Marathon

Stolen from an email to a friend:
This past weekend I went home to Erie to run the Erie Marathon. On Friday and Saturday it was kind of cold and rainy; today it was cold, 62 degrees, and rainy so when I woke up yesterday morning at 5:00 AM to dry and warm conditions I didn't know whether to be happy that it would be a dry run or concerned by the tropical temperatures. On Saturday night my nephew, Sammy, had an outdoor football game (in the rain) so after we finally got home, dry, and warm it was at least 9:30/10:00. I made sure that we had pizza for dinner - my absolute favorite pre-, and post- marathon dinner. I think that everyone was surprised that I ate over 1/2 of a medium pizza all by myself.
Yesterday morning we set off from my sister's house at 5:30 to pick up my mom and we made it to Presque Isle (the state park where the race was held) around 6:30. It was kind of creepy how warm it was but not oppressively so given the wind coming off the lake. We all made it over…

No running . . . Erie is questionalbe.

I've been in a lot of pain for the past couple of days. I have a muscle spasm in my low back right where my spine seems to end and my pelvis starts. It's almost as if my pelvis has shifted and my body isn't happy about it. Don't know what to do about Erie at this point. I'm taking it one day at a time. At least I'm now at home in New York where my 6 year old niece can take care of me.

oh shit. . .

While bending over to pick up my running shorts this morning, I hurt my back. . . oh baby, I've bent over and I can't get up, errr, stand up straight. shit!

Happy Birthday 20-Miler

So I laid down the 20 that I'd postponed yesterday. I wasn't too thrilled to be pounding out the miles on my birthday but as with all things I know my responsibilities and well, follow through. I'd arranged to run solo, knowing full well that I needed the time to think and listen to what my body was saying. Erie is next week and no amount of good will from well intentioned running partners 400 miles away will carry me through. My plan was to run Bubba twice and then head towards the cannons twice. I was greeted with an unexpected surprise on my first loop. The VA National Guard was out 'ruckin' and not less than 50 men were marching 4 across as I made my way down the backside of Bubba. With roughly a 1/2 a mile between there and the end of my loop I was sure that I'd only see this spectacle once. But oh no, on my way back up Bubba, they were returning, too; words were exchanged and I wouldn't be surprised if that particular roadway doesn't have…

5 Miles

After Hurricane Hanna made her presence known, and after the rains subsided the sun returned and I was able to knock off an easy 5. I meant to do my usual loop around town but decided that I was not going to be afraid anymore and so I took myself to the shell-path and pounded out the miles. The winds were strong, the air was heavy with humidity, but I didn't care. I regained something that was taken from me and there are no words for that.

5 miles

I've been grossly negligent in keeping up with my training blog. Here I find myself 9 days out from my first marathon of the season, and finally updating. I can't help but wonder just what the hell am I thinking to be running marathon with only two long runs worthy to note. 18 on Monday and now 20 tomorrow. At least my body is feeling good again and running has once again become pleasurable. On Monday I ran my 18 solo and well, I remembered why I did so well training alone last year. I actually like running long alone; I figure stuff out when I run alone. Time for sleep . . . running long requires lots of rest.

14 Miles

Ran the furthest I've run for a while; we were lucky to have almost perfect temperatures. I decided early on in the run to take it slow and easy without letting myself get caught up in someone else's pace. I ran my two fastest marathons after training my long runs extremely slow and making up with speed work and hills during my weekly night runs. I'm tired.. but alas, will find myself out on the river relaxing very soon.

let the games begin!

6 Miles

Ran 6 miles this morning with the group. Met at 0700 - temps were GREAT - even ran 10 minutes in the pouring rain.
1/2 down
4 mile loop
1/2 home
1/2 back
1/2 home again... :~)

5k & hill work on the treadmill

Rowed for a 5k and then put myself through a hill workout on the treadmill with the usual circuit added in.

5 miles

Ran a 5 mile, hot and tedious run with Karen this morning...what was I thinking!! Tomorrow is an O-F-F day!

Hill Work on the Treadmill

Set the incline to 15 and did 8 x 1 minute intervals up the 'hill'- quite the workout and quite tiring. Looking forward to a day when my arms and legs don't hurt..

off to the gym...

Rowed 5k
circuit on machines. managed to figure out that adjusting the incline on the treadmill to 15 is very similar to walking up a very steep hill and better than a stairmaster! Did not attempt to swim.

Bike - 8 Miles

I decided that instead of taking an 'off' day today that I would make use of the return of my trainer and "ride while watching". . . this entails riding really hard on the bike while watching a movie of choice. I rode just about 8 miles and knocked off a movie that's been sitting for far too long.

9.5 Miles

Ran 9.5 miles this morning with Karen, Art, Helena and Colleen. I think that Chancelorsville Battlefield will be my new haunt. I love the topography and dirt roads. It was a cool morning, much better than the 8 miles out there last Sunday. I suspect starting at 6:40 instead of 8:00 has something to do with that.

Feeling good, but realizing that I'm not going to have my mileage up safely before North Face; Erie will be tough..but it's doable.

3 easy miles

Ran 3 easy miles through downtown this morning. It was hot but it felt good. Decided that I'll hit the gym tonight and swim, just to switch things up a bit.


Erggin' and circuits

Well, since it's summertime and it's too damn hot to run and since running alone really is out of the question I've decided to hit the gym more and cross train more than usual. Don't know how this will affect my training but it kept me in marathon shape for GW, so what harm is there in hitting the Rower and weights at the gym?

8 miles

Well, ran 8 miles this morning with Karen and Irene out in Chancelorsville Battlefield. It was H-O-T!!!!!

Shoot me now

Gunman attacks jogger at UMW this morning

So this very well could have been me; given the location and time... looks like I'll be investing in some pepper spray.

Gunman attacks jogger at UMW this morning

"(10:20 a.m.) Fredericksburg-area police are looking for a gunman who attacked a woman jogger at a UMW track off Hanover Street early this morning, authorities say.

The reported attack, which happened about 7:30 a.m., caused a lockdown at parts of the University of Mary Washington, but the school has reopened since then..."

Run Amuck

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to run. It’s difficult to run when you’re wounded, which I am, and so I’m in a convalescence mode of sorts. Saturday was the MCM, Run Amuck, where the whole mess started. There I was, minding my own business and wham – I went flying off a tire and face first into the trail. Fortunately, I caught myself on my knee and within seconds I was up and running again. This should say something about my nature – she falls down, she gets up – which more often than not leaves me wide open to the obvious, rendering me oblivious. Instead of stopping and/or protecting my injury I drag myself through a barbed wire crawl and then through a knee-deep mud pit. I had the sense to have it cleaned and examined in the Medic tent, but by then the damage was done. For two days I endured a swollen mess that was my knee and only after it continued to look like Rudolph’s nose with the flu did I ask a doctor to, ‘have a look.’ Currently on extra-strength antibiotics and s…


So I woke up ~3AM with an intense pain in my left knee. I can't tell if it's from the colder weather or from accidentally ramming it into something which I am prone to do. At any rate it's interfering with my sleep and therefore my ability to wake up to run in the morning. We'll see how the race this weekend goes. Running Amuck

4 miles

Ran 4 miles this morning- my quads are killing me from these strength training exercises. My knee is also starting to hurt. Hoping to kayak tonight.

4 miles

Ran a quick miles this morning and then kayaked tonight. Ran the loop through the neighborhood and saw P- with a friend. It was a good morning for a run but man oh man am I tired. My quads hurt from the strengthening exercises. I need to get my calendar sorted out soon for the Fall marathon season.

4 miles

Another 4 miles this morning - decided not to meet the group and run trails but rather do a few solo miles before our 8:00AM meeting. I felt really productive today, up and running, and showered and out the door before 8AM is really empowering.

4 miles

4 easy miles up to the track, ran 4 loops and home. Still too warm but need to acclimate and the only way to do so is to put myself out there, walk when I need to cool down, and just get to it.

8 Miles

It was a good morning for a run - decided to run my old loop; well, a modified version.
1/2 up Hanover
4 loops
down Sunken to Canal path and out River trails

Had some nice eye candy pass me but alas I caught up to them. I'm guessing they're college boys in training for the summer. :~).

4 miles

So, I think that I'm back in training....for better or worse I think that I'm finally out of the malaise which convinced me to stay in bed instead of run, or worse.... not even stretch or swim...

So here we go - autumn racing schedule to be posted soon.

bike and kayak

So I didn't wake up to run this morning. I was awake but am enjoying not being 'in training' I let myself off the hook and decided to lay in bed and hop on the trainer late morning instead. I biked for an hour and then had the most amazing paddle. Today was a good day not to be running.


Happiness is never stopping to think if you are. ~ Sondreal

Ran 4 good miles this morning. I'm learning different ways to hold my posture to engage different muscles. I've found that if I engage my quads it forces me to engage my abs and my arms follow suit ....and I GLIDE! I'm running faster, smarter and using less energy. I'm happy!


Taking a mandatory day off from work and so I ran 7 good miles this morning! The sun is out, the temperatures are right and I love how my body performs!


Ran 9 good miles this morning. I drank way too much last night and couldn't meet the group at 7AM - so I ran various loops around town. It was a good day! It feels good not to be in training!


Ran 6 with the group this morning. It was HOT! Today was about the hottest morning of the Spring and I was miserable. I hung back and ran with a lady training for her first 1/2 and hopefully developed a new friend.

Bike 45 min

Woke up this morning and spent a great deal of time talking with Katelyn instead of getting outside and running. I didn't mind though, it was a matter of feeding the heart which is just as important as working the body. Hopped on the trainer for 45 minutes instead.


Ran 4 Good Miles this AM - the morning was a blanket of white fog and the temps just right to pound out some easy miles and clear my head. My body is coming back to me.

I'm tired

I'm tired. I took today off from work and I'm going to take the day off from any form of exercise. I think that I've earned it.

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler

Today was an interesting day for a race. I feel like I'm moving from one thing to another with very little time for reflection and/or sleep. This is perhaps due to the fact that I am now at the tail end of a very successful racing season and I'm just plain tired. It was miserable - but you don't choose your weather conditions, you train to adjust as the need arises. Instead of raining on Friday and Saturday, as forecast, it rained today. I was awake at 4:00 AM, after less than 5 hours of sleep, and it was pouring. My optimism for a dry race was replaced with a reflexive instinct to prepare for the conditions which were before me. What does this mean? This means packing a change of clothes instead of just using the set that I'd wear before, making a decision to either a) wear something warm, get soaked and deal with the wet clothes, or b) suck it up and wear only my racing clothes and be cold. I chose to suck it up and be cold. This also means packing a whole…


Ran 6 easy miles this am with the group. Ended up staying back with a newbie to welcome him and encourage him to continue running. Feeling good but awfully tired. Nothing to complain about. Cherry Blossom is in the AM.


Ran 6 good miles tonight. Was really in need of a distraction.. so despite warm temps and it being a First Friday, I set out. Met up with Phelan on my way up the hill and extended my initial 4 miler to a 6. Felt GREAT - was an excellent source of a mind clearing...for the amount of time I was pushing my body. now I'm exhausted and ready to sleep.. Cherry Blossom on Sunday.. yahoo!


Four (4) lousy miles tonight - I'm realizing that I'm exhausted; just plain tired. Today it was really warm, almost 80 degrees warm and I'm sorry, but that is unacceptable for this cold weather runner. I put off running as long as I could and set out around 7:30 - I walked up the hills, as I usually do in the week following a marathon, but even after a mile or so I couldn't shake the cement off my shoes. My quads are tired, I couldn't engage my abs and keeping a straight profile took more effort than was comfortably possible. Instead of slogging through junk miles and quite possibly doing myself more harm than good, I relented and curled up in my hammock after only 4 miles instead. Cherry Blossom is on Sunday and then I get three whole weeks off! Woohooo!

Suntrust National Marathon

Awake at 4:00 AM to shower and be out the door by 4:45 - not a bad way to start the day. The temps definitely dropped so much so that it 'felt' like 38 degrees according to I did something unusual today, I ate and then showered, a reversal of my norm - I puttered too long and was very glad that I'd packed last night. I tend to move slow this early in the AM. Caren arrived and drove us up to the stadium with perfect timing. The colder than expected temps caused us to make a decision to use the 'Bag Check'. It was too cold to relinquish our warm clothes at the car. After making the usual pit stops, Caren was good enough to pin my pacer sign to my back. Her and Art walked me to my corral like it was my first day of school. We had a group hug and parted ways. I felt a bit awkward being so far back from the start; my preference for marathons is to start in the 4:00-4:15 group, not the 4:30 group. Today I didn't have a choice and the sign on …


This morning it was 65 degrees at 7:30 - not ideal for a nice easy pre-marathon run. But run we did and we threw down 4 easy miles. My right calf is still tight and I'm a bit concerned about the marathon tomorrow but it's nothing serious so it should be fine. The temps are supposed to come down and for that I'm relieved. I don't know how my body would respond trying to run a marathon in anything over 50 degrees.


Ran 6 easy miles tonight - Trying to re-acclimate my body for running. It's amazing how little the body forgets. Feeling good; very little pain in my feet. I noticed a couple weeks ago that if I wear my shoes loose then I don't have foot pain later. It's a no-brainer but it took me a long time to put tw0 and two together. Running an easy 4 in the morning to prepare for National.

1/2 up Hanover
1 loop
through town, down canal path and home


For the first time this week I've not been chained to my desk until 11 and have been able to run! Yahoo! Ran 8 easy miles tonight in anticipation of running National on Saturday. It was terribly hot and I'm so not looking forward to summer training.

1/2 up Hanover
2 loops
5 through town


Ran 8 solid miles today... eight easy miles for Easter. For the first1/4 mile I was afraid that I'm overtrained.. my legs still felt like bricks and my whole body ached. Jenny is quick to remind me that I've just run a marathon, a pretty darn good marathon...and I should be resting myself but rolling stones gather no moss. I walked up the hill and then resorted to singing to myself to keep pace. I'm thinking that the loneliness of a long-distance runner is settling in. Thank goodness for running partners and friends that are in the same boat and can commiserate.

1/2 up Hanover
9 loops
1/2 home


Still feeing tired - but I'm guessing that's what tedious desk work does to you. After another 12 hour day yesterday, I woke up feeling fogy this AM and so decided against running with the group. Instead I puttered around the house for a bit and then set off for an easy 6 miler. It was another beautiful morning - but it sure did take a bit to settle in. Tomorrow will be better!

6 down Canal path to River and around town


Tried to run my usual 8 mile loop tonight but I just couldn't seem to settle in. I realized that I'm tired, just plain tired and let myself off the hook with4 easy, lallygagging miles instead. But oh it was a glorious night for a run. The full moon was out and the temperatures were just about right. I was definitely in my element - it was a cathartic run and some days that's what running is all about. I played on the balance beams and skipped my way home.

1/2 up Hanover
3 mils on track
1/2 Home

Work, Work, Work

Somehow work is getting in the way of life.. and I'm bogged down again this week... maybe I'll catch a swim. That's a BIG FAT MAYBE! Grrrrr

Shamrock Marathon

Ran an absolutely amazing marathon today. Finished with a PR of 4:25:26, taking 58 seconds off from MCM, and taking 5:25 off from GW.
When I decided to run this marathon last year I had thought that it would be a great way to celebrate both St. Patrick's day and to honor my Irish grandmother that passed away, quite coincidently, on 17 MAR. My horoscope for yesterday read something to the effect of focusing on my goals and not allowing other's stresses and worries to become my own. It's funny that I needed a horoscope to give me permission and remind me to be true to myself, but no more introspection for now. I followed my instincts and kept my head on MY marathon and it really paid off.
Race conditions were horrible - 20+mph headwinds and temps in the mid-50's. I was on the dangerous pendulum of being overheated and absolutely frozen, fighting a wall of wind. Needless to say, the muscles were working overtime to compensate. I learned a lot about myself, my body …

4 or so....

So, work has been kicking my ASS lately - I don't recall that I've been home before 8 PM even once and lunch breaks are about as extinct as the Woolly Mammoth. This has certainly thrown off my already cavalier training schedule. But I did throw down a nice 4 miles or so this AM in preparation for Shamrock tomorrow. It took a bit to settle in but so I know that it was a very good thing to have run and remind my body what's its been trained to do.


Ran 8 good miles tonight - It sure felt like more as I pounded the pavement in an acrimonious fashion. Nothing like a good disagreement with your boss to get your blood flowing. The air was heavy, but the temperatures were just right, if not a bit warm. Somehow it doesn't feel like I'm running a marathon on Sunday - which is a good thing

1/2 up Hanover
9 loops/7 miles around loop
1/2 Home

Mesa Trail

Ran the Mesa Trail today, what was I thinking?! Seriously, it was an incredible trail run, which left me feeling quite exhausted and pretty damn proud at the same time. My body aches in a new way, muscles that I thought were adjusted and in prime running shape are letting me know they exist. It was a good day, absolutely gorgeous and demanding!


Ran 8 fookin' sucky miles tonight! I'm going to take this opportunity to blame it on the weather; all 62 degrees - ......grrrrr...sleep

5 & Yoga

Ran an easy 5 this AM and then threw in an hour and a half of yoga this afternoon. Feeling less and less like an old lady in the mornings, if at all. My body is adjusting and acclimating.

1/2 up Hanover
4 loops
1 on track
1/2 home


Knocked off 20 Miles today - and it felt amazing! Kicked 8 solo downtown before heading up to Lee Drive to meet with Dylan for 12 on the trails. It was a glorious morning - no aches, no pains, just pure endorphins. Feeling ready for Shamrock!


Hopped on the bike this AM - it's deceptively beautiful outside... tomorrow is the 20 miler.. yahoo!


Tonight was an unexpected 5.75 run. I had determined earlier in the day to go for a swim but right about 5:00 decided that I was going to go for a run instead. It was a good day, a good run and now I'm paying the consequences with ice packs on each ankle. But alas - I'm getting stronger and pain is arbitrary when weighed against the peace of mind it provides.

1/2 up Hanover
4 loops
1.25 on track
1/2 mile of alternating 100's
1/2 mile home


Ran 7.9 tonight.. felt good to get the kinks out.
To be out under the sky on our own two feet awakens something older, more content within us, a wild creature inside itching to break out, who knows where to go to heal all ills.
~Henry Shukman
Tonight was one of those nights where the wild creature came out, needed to come out, in order for calm and peace to be restored.
Many people think that I'm crazy, many think that I'm fookin' nuts, but only I know what I need to do to maintain a relatively normal existence.

1/2 up Hanover
2 loops
1.5 on track
3 through downtown


I'm sick - I woke up this morning, barely woke up this morning is more like it, with a sore throat and a foggy head. My body feels GREAT but my immune system is fluttering; my guess is that it's attempting to make me take some time to recuperate. So, here we are, 7:30 at night, when I should be just getting into the shower after a fantastic run, and instead I'm lying in bed, miserable.
it could be worse.


Taking the night OFF! will resume regularly scheduled activities tomorrow - I think -

Anheuser-Busch Colonial 1/2

I woke up this morning and puttered for a bit before my ride came to pick me up for the long drive down to Williamsburg. We arrived with an hour to spare so we were able to 'take care of business' with due time. For the first time ever I warmed up before a race, intentionally. Which left me feeling really good at race start but also really warm. It was a good day; it was about 47 degrees out, perfect for shorter races but ultimately a bit warm for me. After having run 20 miles yesterday I had absolutely no expectations for time but decided that I'd try to make it in under 2 hours. I ran a GREAT mental race - there were lots of hills which vexed the internal thermometer. I remember not questioning my decision until about mile 9 when I had this feeling come over me that I just didn't want to run anymore for today. But silly me, that's not the way that races work and push through for another 4 miles I did. The highlight of today was seeing P- take a few minut…


Threw down 20 this AM - we did a nice 8 mile loop through downtown, out to the extended canal path and then back to my house. My ankle was screaming at me, and so was my toe ring. But run I must and alas I pushed through. The highlight of the run was 1/2 way up Bubba when I sat on the drain, took off my shoe, pried off my toe ring and popped it into my mouth. When another runner saw me sitting there, she pulled up and asked if all was 'okay'..and I stuck my tongue out to explain that it was just a toe ring 'situation'. Some days I wonder if odd parts of my body act up to remind me that I need to take care of them, too.


Ran 6.5 tonight. It was cold, but it felt good. My quads were speaking to me but they weren't screaming. Coming down Hanover to home I let my pelvis tilt and it felt like the wind was carrying me home. The pace was amazing but not sustainable for anything more than 400m. ...

1/2 up Hanover
1 mile loop
5 downtown


Swam tonight, really didn't want to do any form of physical activity but must keep the body moving and make use of the damn gym membership I am paying for. Practiced figuring out my stroke and breathing - accidentally peed in the pool but there was no purple cloud, which with my goggles on I wasn't so sure was the case. So after jumping ten feet after realizing that I had peed, my nerves were calmed and I resumed the regularly scheduled activities.


Ran an easy 5 with D- tonight - feelin' GREAT - should be okay to run the 20 on Sat and then the 1/2 on Sunday. Quads are feeling better, the run helped loosen the muscles. Will stretch in the AM.

1/2 up Hanover
5 loops
1/2 down Hanover

47th Washington's Birthday Marathon

Ran the 47th Annual Washington's Birthday Marathon - took 3rd in the W 20-29 age division. There were lots of hills and it was draining due to the wind, etc. More to come soon!
Running From Despair - Wings of America, a 20-year old nonprofit organization, consists of American Indian runners from reservations around the country that dominate running championships.


Ran 4 good miles this AM - definitely ready for GW Birthday marathon in the AM - off to sleep for this runner -


Ran 6 easy miles today; my oh my it was a glorious day! It was warm and not at all anything near what I like to run in but since I took it slow I had no problems. My left foot is acting up again, so today was beneficial in that I'm in the process of developing a strategy for running through the pain. I know that you should never 'run through the pain' but if I didn't I would never run and I would just be one of those sissy runners that stops running with every blister and purple toe. That being said, my shins are doing much better with the stretching and ice. I'm going to do about 5 easy miles in the AM and I can already predict that i'm going to get harassed, heckled, and told not to run, or that I shouldn't be running anything the day before a marathon. But it's early, and I'm in bed and clearly taking care of myself. oh phooey on them!


Ran 8 miles tonight with D- & P-. It was a good run; at pace, good people, good conversation, and well, just all around felt good. The aches are not to be ignored but nothing to write home about. It's getting difficult to remember that I'm running a marathon in just a couple of days.

1/2 up Hanover
2.25 - 3 loops on UMW trail
1/2 down Hanover
4.75 through town

Erg 10k & Swim 1/2 hour

Forgot to update last night - It was miserable outside so D- bagged and I was left to go to the gym. This wasn't such a bad idea, because of the aforementioned freezing rain misery. I ergged 10k in 50 minutes and then swam for a 1/2 hour. I love the pool and wish that I could muster up the energy to swim more often.

Decided to go to Boulder 06-10 March - missing the Tren Construction 8k, but heck, what is one race to an exploratory visit which will influence the making one of the biggest decisions of my life?

sweetheart 4-miler

Woke up this morning feeling quite the granny, as anyone that tucks herself into bed at 8:30PM should. But there was a brilliant blue sky and a race to run; so I got myself out of bed, ate some breakfast, packed my bag and out the door I went. Underestimated the time it would take to drive to Cutis Park, but had a lot of time none-the-less. One of my many gripes about this race was that the bib pick-up was at least a 1/4 mile away from the chip pick-up and well, I did more sprinting at the beginning than I am comfortable with. And for the first time in history I had a full bladder which needed emptying BEFORE the race so I spent the majority of pre-race time in the long line to use the bathroom... on to more interesting topics.
The race itself was fine; I went out too fast, throwing down a 8:06 at Mile 1, took it down to 8:12 at Mile 2 and then really dropped down to 8:58 at Mile 3. I must have kept a steady pace because I finished in 34:06, which equates to a 8:32 pace. Felt goo…


Woke up this AM really exhausted AND excited for our long run - Decided not to meet at Hyperion, but to run from my house instead. It's the little things like parking restrictions and leaving a car downtown while we run for 3+ hours that had just a little something to do with this decision. Ran a 6 mile loop through downtown/canal path extension/ etc and took a pit stop at the apartment before heading out Lee Drive and back. It was a good run, a brutal run but reassuring none-the-less. Running long is just like riding a bike, or sex, the body remembers what it's designed to do :~). So we laid down 20 miles today and I can't remember feeling this good and satiated since October when my mileage was high and I was in the thick of racing/marathon season. Came home and due to circumstances involving shower sharing with house guests, I found myself gardening all afternoon instead of showering and relaxing in the hammock. There is just something about gardening that once y…

5 & swim

Got a text from D- right around 3:00 this afternoon. '5 at 5?' well, why, yesh! Laid down 5 good miles down the canal path to the River and back. We had a great run, so much so that I don't remember much about it. Except now, now I remember the extreme intestinal gas pains I was experiencing due to the copious amount of hummus I'd had for lunch. ouch! They never said that running was for sissies.. and when your running partner asks you to pull her finger, well, there's nothing that can be said or done after that to embarrass you or her.
After running, I took myself up to the gym and swam some laps - discovered how to be more effective in the water by pushing with my shoulders instead of my legs. I'm very excited!
Sleepy now- we've got 18 for the AM- followed by brunch! GW is in a week... and now my shins hurt, too!

Speedwork - 5

Couldn't quite get myself around running tonight. My shins hurt and I was just dragging. Attempted to do some speed work but ultimately decided that I was doing myself more harm than good with empty miles. Came home to stretch and hopped on the bike for a bit to warm back up. Will swim tomorrow to get ready for 18 on Saturday before the 4-miler race on Sunday.
1/2 up Hanover
2.25 - 3 loops around UMW trail
1 - 1/4 miles with sprints at last 100
1/2 - easy
1/4 - alternating 100's
1/2 - down Hanover

O-F-F- off!

Took the night off... very sleepy tired after standing on my feet working a career fair all day. I think that should count as my PT for the day. Heading to sleep now...maybe I am a six year old?


Today it was incredibly hot - 72 degrees on 05FEB is almost unheard of. I was scheduled for speedwork with C- but had to cancel, keeping in mind my need to acclimate to the warmth. Fortunately, D- was available to run and we threw down 8.25 and then had a very yummy dinner. Feeling good, ankle still hurts tomorrow I'll erg before speed on Thursday.

1/2 - up Hanover
2.25 - three loops on the trail
1/2 - down Hanover
5 - through downtown - Larry, Curly & Mo

time for sleep!


Threw down 16.25 this AM - it felt absolutely amazing but was a major eye opener with relation to where I'm at and where I should be. Despite it being amazing, it was at least 4 miles shy of where I should be and it's got me a bit concerned about GW and coming out the other side injury free. If I maintain a slow and steady pace everything's gonna be's gonna be alright. The ankle is flaring up again...dammit!
the road is my church
sweat is my prayers
running is my religion.. hehe!


Ran 9.5 solo this AM - only intended to run 8 ...oops. Life has been spinning out of control lately and well, I needed a day to just relax into my run, let my body do it's thing and give the tornado in my head a chance to dissipate. It was a gorgeous morning - 38 degrees; started out in a fleece, shorts and my new shoes. Very quickly stripped off the fleece & gloves and really started to enjoy my run. I don't know if the tornado was appeased, but at least I had some much needed time to myself. Tomorrow is another day, 15 on the schedule, but what I need is some River time.

New Shoes

Picked up my new shoes tonight- they are hideously BROWN - but hey, shoes are shoes and beggars can't be choosers. On the upside, I can run trails and the dirt won't show. :~)

No running tonight; had a hard day at work with NO FOOD all day... REST REST REST tonight


1 Mile - Warm-up @ 2:14 min/lap
1/2 Mile - alternating 100's
1/2 Mile - grapevines
1/2 Mile- alternating 100's
1/2 Mile - cool down
1 1/4 Mile - run home

Wasn't feeling it but ran some amazing 100's - need to work out a real speed workout but must focus on building my base for GW...sleepy now

Ergging 10k

Really didn't want to but with a marathon coming up in less than 3 weeks.. well, 2 1/2 weeks now I talked myself into ergging tonight. Was it worth it? Who knows but I do feel a lot less nauseous than I did yesterday, despite feeling the need to take it easy due to said nauseousness. I'm thinking that it was those damn brownies made with old applesauce... and then left on the counter at room temperature for a day...or two.. remind me not to do that one again anytime soon.


Ran the usual loop tonight - minus 1/2 on the track - 6.7 - as I ran two loops on the trail instead. This getting dark early crap still bugs me; but it was an absolutely glorious night for a run. I wish that I were feeling better so that I could run longer and harder. It's always a catch, remembering not to overdo it and push too hard. That's what Thursday's are for, speed work and hills. Tuesday's are for relaxed mid-distance runs.
-1/2 up Hanover
-1.5 - 2 loops on trail
-1/2 down Hanover
-4.2 - loop through downtown

Still feeling nauseous whenever I eat; a coworker asked if I could be expecting, and not to take offense to her question.. my response.. not offended..i wish that were a possibility. back to our regularly scheduled program.

running mantra

perhaps one of the best things that I've read lately:

The road is my church.
Sweat is my prayers.
Running is my religion.


Hit 11.0 today- Woke up with enough time to down some oats and coffee and chat with S- before realizing the time and rushing out to meet the group. Passed them on Hanover on my way to the front lot. It was brisk but beautiful; the perfect morning for a run! Ankle held up; who could ask for anything more? Dressed a bit over my comfort zone but as my top was fleece it was breathable and not too unbearable. Met with Bev for some personalized yoga this afternoon and we developed a strategy to loosen my tight muscles and worked on breathing exercises. Tomorrow is a rest day; I'm thinking that it'll be a swimming day if I have anything to say about it. Getting nervous about having the base to have a comfortable GW marathon on 17 FEB...this one is in the hands of the gods.


Met the group at Hyperion at 0-dark hundred...0730 to be exact. Temperatures hovering right around 27 degrees and the sky was a bit overcast. Opted for pants and a long sleeve poly & gloves. I didn't seem to settle in to the run and actually feel the kick until about 5 miles in, again... However we were laying down some pretty fast miles and gabbing away. Got a stitch which dissipated when I shut my trap and well I was able to sprint up William to a perfect 6.5 finish . Felt really good until about an hour ago when my sugar dropped and exhaustion from overexposure hit. Need a nap but too much work to do - let's see if this break helps. Got 12 on the schedule for tomorrow AM...then Monday is a rest day.


Ran 6.0 today - 1/2 up Hanover to the track and then 6 loops on the shell path..hopped up on the track for alternating 100's and then 1/2 home. Weather was absolutely perfect; crystal blue sky and 30 degrees. Managed to brushburn my legs from the seams on my shorts; need to remember to body glide them next time. It was a gorgeous day for a run! I'm getting stronger - which is a very GOOD thing!


Hello Moon!
So after no activity yesterday I decided to do a bit of speed work tonight. 1/2 mile up Hanover to the trail, 3/4 mile loop and then a series of 100's - sprints, side-steps and then sprints again which cumulated with a relatively fast 1 mile 'cool down' after which I took my sorry, LATE butt home! I'm feeling really good, all of this cross training seems to be paying off - the test will be when I attempt the 10 miler on Sunday. I'm anxious to see if I've lost my base and if my foot is actually 'healed' - Fingers AND toes crossed on this one!

Erg 10k & Swim 1/2 Hour

Tonight ended up being absolutely perfect for an outside run, with a splash of speedwork thrown in but..yeah, I decided to be disciplined and rather than follow my old ways of overdoing it I went to the stinky gym instead. I ergged for a 10k in 50:12; with the equivalent of a sprint every 2250m. It was actually invigorating to keep a steady pace of ~2:20/500m and then pick it up to ~1:55/500m. Maybe it's my body getting used to the motion but it is certainly more enjoyable than last week. Hopped into the pool afterwards and remembered my nose plugs. It's ironic that I haven't swum freestyle in over a week and well, I managed quite well. Except for the caveat that I could not swim a full lap without feeling like I needed to wet myself. After consulting with my running partners, I decided that no it's not okay to pee in the pool... grrrr!


Ran 6.3 miles this morning - temperatures hovering below 20 degrees but the sky a brilliant shade of blue. As I set off on my run I was debating my selection of clothing; this was my first run this season in below freezing temperatures. There is a certain beauty in a crisp winter morning that is unparalleled. D- bagged on me, but I didn't mind. I needed some alone time to sort out my thoughts and to gain some perspective. This morning I was thinking about perseverance. There was an older gentleman in his pine green sweat suit, walking on the canal path with a walking stick. He had the biggest smile on his face and it was obvious that he was clearly enjoying himself. I had to draw inward and appreciate the simplicity of joy itself. Today was a good day!

Takin' the day O-F-F! ---OFF!

Today was an off day and so well, yeah, didn't do any form of organized physical activity. I cleaned my house and raked my yard instead.. nevermind that it was well below freezing outside. sleepy tired.. zoinks!

Erg & Swim

Woke up this morning just in time to hear a loud >>...pop...<< and then my electricity coffee.. no heat.. nada. decided that then was just as good a time as any to waddle to the gym for my 10k erg. I was draggin' and it showed. Forgot my nose plugs again, so ended up water running and then doing a butt load of rescue pulls, which I might add, are not easy after having just rowed a freakin' 10k!


And...she's back.. ran 3.5 tonight and then spun for a 1/2 hour. Felt amazing.. don't want to push it but also don't want to remain on the sidelines for the next week either. Will start again on Monday!

Ergging & 1/2 hour swim

Last night I canceled swimming. I couldn't seem to muster up the energy to drag myself to the pool. Found out yesterday morning that IT's NOT A STRESS FRACTURE!!! WHooHOooo! Looks like this little girl will be running this come Monday! I know that I said that I would wait until 26 JAN to run again, but the rules have changed with this very poignant piece of information.
I ergged again tonight. I feel like I've been hit by a truck but I know that all of this cross-training will be a huge pay-off come the end of the Spring race season. I forgot my nose plugs tonight so instead of swimming laps I focused on treading water and rescue pulls instead. whew.. time for sleep.

Ergging 10k & 1/2 hour swim

Canned the workout last night in favor of wings and beer with an out of town friend. Busted my butt tonight ergging for 10k - I've got blisters and the sore muscles to prove just how out of shape with relation to other sports that I've become. This cross training is really going to be a good opportunity to keep myself injury free!


Woke up just after 8 AM this morning ...this no running is starting to cramp my 'early riser on the weekends' style. Sat outside with signs and goodies for the group as they ran by. It's really difficult not running - I miss it more than anyone realizes and not running is killin' me. But a promise I did make, so 26 JAN is my goal.
Threw down an hour in the pool, WITH nose-plugs! I can swim a full length of the pool before I start to panic with regards to not having enough air. This will be my tasker - practice, practice, practice!
Banquet was tonight - D & I had some good laughs but other than that the evening was completely uneventful.

Bike, NPS, Goggles, Swim

Today has been one for the record books if ever I lived one. First, I met the group out at Pickett's for a ride on my new bike....schweeet, right?! Got my left shoe clipped in and well, it got stuck. D- suggested that I ride her bike so we exchange shoes, wearing one of each other's shoe. Rode to the cannons and on the way back I clipped in to her bike with my right foot and got that one stuck. We managed to get that one unstuck and headed on our merry ways home. Well, my adventure wasn't over....apparently it's not okay to go 30 mph in a 25 mph zone, even if you are going down one big-ass hill and to maintain 25 mph would require operator to ride her brakes all the freakin' way. That's about all that I'm going to say about that! (insert a lot of unladylike words here)

I was ready to be done for the day and it wasn't yet noon when I saw that my new goggles had arrived... yahoo! Points forward toward a positive attitude here! Decided to throw d…


Quite an extraordinary woman..
her final words to her husband..via letter should anything go wrong.
"Please know I am quite aware of the hazards," she said. "I want to do it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others."


After driving around the parking lot for over twenty minutes, looking quite the site as my hands flew off the steering wheel multiple times in exasperation as one after another I lost many parking spots to other patients. I finally made it to my appointment fifteen minutes late, which included the twenty minutes of circling the parking lot and then walking to the hospital entrance and then getting lost in the hospital...being on-time is a lost cause!
No news until Monday, however, I'm a bit concerned that the initial scan was of the top of my right foot, not the injured left....something just wasn't right about that technician. Maybe they shouldn't leave older male techs with much younger female patients which isn't to say that he wasn't professional, because he most certainly was, but that I think he took the wrong image... oops.

Got a new tri-bike from K- today. I'm very fortunate to have such amazing friends! tomorrow I set out for her maiden voyage with …

Rock Climbing

Tonight I went rock climbing. Was very apprehensive about coming down off the wall wrong. This all could have been avoided if I would have just sucked it up and paid to top-rope.. but I'm a cheapo and well, only budgeted $10 to climb.. and when the not so kind clerk refused to give me the reduced student rate of $7 I refused to pay and therefore bouldered for $9 instead. Yes, I have a huge amount of my father's stubbornness flowing in these veins. As a result, my shoulders ache from depending on them to carry me because I couldn't trust my legs to support me for already mentioned reasons. Silly me. Off to sleep.. got to go get radioactive tomorrow.


Swam for an hour this evening after tutoring. Today really just wasn't my day. First, I receive news that the x-rays were inconclusive and am now scheduled for a bone scan on Friday and then while swimming tonight I see my crazy ex sweating away on the stair stepper. WTF!!
Swimming was good - had nothing in the tank. Need to figure out how to keep enough fuel in my system to give me the energy to stay alert. Noticed that at the end I felt a rush of endorphins very similar to a six or seven mile run. Must be the endurance athlete in me....I don't kick in until an hour in? More thoughts on that to come.

Dr. Diagnosis

Saw the doctor this morning and discovered that it's not a torn AFTL but rather a freakin' stress fracture...or so we think. Spent the better part of this absolutely glorious afternoon getting poked and prodded...radiated and manipulated. Fortunately I have an understanding boss and was able to take the afternoon off to effectively deal with all the emotions associated with such terrible news. Waiting on the results which should come tomorrow...