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14 Miles

Ran the furthest I've run for a while; we were lucky to have almost perfect temperatures. I decided early on in the run to take it slow and easy without letting myself get caught up in someone else's pace. I ran my two fastest marathons after training my long runs extremely slow and making up with speed work and hills during my weekly night runs. I'm tired.. but alas, will find myself out on the river relaxing very soon.

let the games begin!

6 Miles

Ran 6 miles this morning with the group. Met at 0700 - temps were GREAT - even ran 10 minutes in the pouring rain.
1/2 down
4 mile loop
1/2 home
1/2 back
1/2 home again... :~)

5k & hill work on the treadmill

Rowed for a 5k and then put myself through a hill workout on the treadmill with the usual circuit added in.