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Iron Mountain 50-Miler

Where to start?  The beginning is as good a place as any - oh Iron Mountain. . .I'd first heard of the Iron Mountain race during the pre-race brief for Promise Land back in April.  Horton mentioned that if you were running Mountain Masochist in November that Iron Mountain would be a good gauge for where you are for MMTR - Naturally, I took the bait.

57 degrees, I'm loving it

I had a rough night last night - my mind was racing and I couldn't sleep.  Something deeply personal is negatively affecting me and I ain't got time or the energy for that shit.  Fortunately, M was available and talked me through it. After sleeping in- yes, 0645 is sleeping in when you're awake from 0200 - 0400 - after sleeping in I got out for a quick 5-miler. . the temperatures are greatly improved from the last several days, 57 degrees with much lower humidity.  My glutes, quads and traps are sore from the non-running strength training that I've incorporated into my training. . squats, lifting and lunges.. . .come September it'll all be worth it.

12 sleep hours and feeling great

This is actually a post from yesterday that I never go around to finishing.

The weather's changed - we've transitioned from cool, misty March-like mornings to full on summer conditions.  I've been surprised how well my body has adjusted and handled this transition.  After a mediocre run yesterday (due to my thinking I had more time than I actually did and worrying about making it back in time to get showered and where I needed to be ), and missing my wake-up to make it to the mountains this morning, I slept a good 12 hours.  I must have needed the sleep.  After putzing around for a while I finally got out for my run around 1130 - Running at 1130 is not an optimal time to be running during the summer. I was surprised to find that it wasn't that bad of a run - sure it was 75 degrees and 100% humidity but hell, it wasn't that bad once I started running and kept and even pace.  At the end of the day I logged right about 10 miles.  Didn't get to the mountains but I …

Stony Mountain Trail

Today I opted to get out and hike some serious mountain trails - It was a great day!

short and sweet -

I'm getting a new kayak today - that said, I only had time for a quick run; and it's hot and muggy so a short run is all I was good for anyway. I'd have hopped on the trainer if it weren't for the beast. I considered some hill work or a targeted workout but opted to go for the shorter run.  Summer has arrived (with a vengeance) Never again will I complain about cool, damp, misty mornings. . .

6 miles @ the quarry -

It was a warm morning - Ori had me up at 0550 and we were out the door for daycare by 0700 but not before he ran through the house multiple times dropping his ball at my feet.  He absolutely loves his ball.  After dropping him at daycare I got excited. . it's been a week since I've run at the quarry but it's been a long time since I've run there by myself. I saw many turtles and red efts out . . .and I even saw a 3ft long black snake. The run itself was uneventful - well, except for seeing the local residents. Good to get in a good run and be done.

From winter to summer overnight

If you've been reading these posts (hmmmm?) or when I go back to read this log, I'll remember the it's been raining for weeks on end [not like we're counting anymore. . we stopped counting at 16 days in a row and that was over a week ago].  This morning was the first morning in a long time where I woke up and the sun was shining. . but let's back up a bit.  Last night I settled in and started reading a new book, the Son, it's the latest in the Giver series and I was enthralled.  I got to bed at a decent hour but Ori was scooting around at 0245. I tried to ignore him but then I broke out in a nasty sweat where I was nauseous and just plain miserable.  I got up, tried to let him out (the little stinker never got out of bed), peed and chugged a glass of water.  I spent the next hour looking at the weather, FAcebook, etc. because, hey, that's what you do when you can't sleep.  I didn't want to wake up when the beast started stirring again just before 06…

some days you just gotta keep running

I've started to embrace these wet, cool, misty mornings - What's the saying? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em - I set out this morning w/ Ori mostly to get him out and burn off some energy. We set out just as the church crowd was making their way to the church for Sunday services. I opted to head up the hill instead of out through the neighborhood - time to test the legs with some hill work. We had to dodge some cars but it was worth it. Heading out of the neighborhood we were stopped by Kristy and then again by Dave and Boris. It felt like our run was never going to get going but at the same time it was nice to catch up w/ friends. It started to get misty and the rain started to pick up so I made our goodbyes and we continued on our way.  Something happened when I stepped onto the trail - for the most part the standing water had drained and I felt really good.  Ori was off romping around and exploring all the new smells. Everything was fresh and green - there's…

5 - wet, muddy feet; matted hair; happy heart

Yesterday's run was a good one; this morning when I woke up I hurt in places I've not hurt in a long time.  I'm going to attribute that to the intense gardening session.  But hey, I gorged on some chocolate chip, apple sauce, greek yogurt banana bread I made last night so I felt obligated to run, even if it was in the rain. B- said yesterday that, "we only have room in our yesterdays for sore muscles". . I'll take that another step further. . . "If it doesn't bring me alive it's too small for me." Today's run in the rain brought me alive - Ori loved running through the puddles and I loved dodging the low hanging branches, wet from the rain.  5 miles on the wet, puddle-filled trails. . . love it!

8.21 miles @ 0700 - Quarry

For whatever reason I agreed to meet up w/ B- at 0700 this morning - It was a good run. It kicked my butt but it was good to catch up and we had a lot to catch up on.  Nothing fancy, just slow and steady - out Gratitude and back the Ridge.
My muscles hurt.  My body hurts. I planted 400 gladiolus bulbs bulbs last night-  go. go. go.  I'll rest when I can't move. 
"We only have room for sore muscles in our yesterdays, Captain!" ~ B.

Active Rest Day #4 - 4 Miles

For the first time this week I woke up and my quads didn't hurt - it was sign to get moving again - by moving again I mean that it was a sign to get running again.  Last night I promised Ori that he could go to daycare today and I'd be mistaken if that dog doesn't have the brain of a child and at 4:30 he was wiggling and squiggling around in the bed - fortunately it was just a bathroom break and then at 6:15 I awoke to a 90lb lab kerplunking down in my lap.  "Mom, wake up! Wake up, now. . I want to wake up."  I thought he needed another potty break.  Yeah, no - after getting up and walking him to the outside door he stood there looking at me like I was crazy.  I asked him if he wanted his breakfast at which point he turned around and went to the closet where I store his dog food.  He is too smart. . . sigh.  So, because I'm a good mom, he got his breakfast, I made my coffee, got myself cleaned up and off to daycare we went.  He was so happy.  It makes my hear…

Marine Corps Historic Half - 2016

Marine Corps Historic Half 2016 was my 8th time running this race - It hurt. I knew it was going to hurt and my extracurricular activities leading up to the race made it hurt worse than it should have.  For each of the ultras I've run these past few months I exercised discipline by going to bed early, doing my best to eat well, hydrate and limit my alcohol intake.  In the days leading up to the half I was very stupid.  Starting on Thursday night I stayed up until 2 am talking with Matthew in Kuwait. Ori had me up at 6:30.  Instead of going back to sleep I stayed up, worked (work from home on Fridays), ran and called it a day about 3 pm.  Friday night was fun - I drank way, way too much - more than I should have and that's all I'm going to say about that. I came home and stayed up talking w/ M again until about 4:30 - dumb, dumb, dumb.  I don't know what was going through my head; clearly I wasn't thinking about my health or needs heading into a big race.  I think I…

Rain - Rain - go away

This morning was a clusterf*ck.  Something about the weather I just couldn't wrap my head around what I needed to do - It shouldn't be difficult but it was.  Started working from the get go and then took Ori to daycare because well, he deserves a break from our normal routine and he hasn't been for a day of play, without spending the night, for a very long time [I can't wait to pick him up tonight after work!!]  Normally I'd run at the quarry on daycare days but those trails are so waterlogged and I just pulled out new shoes. . I'm not ready for that kind of mess in these shoes, yet.  After getting home I had some work to do and had to wonder if I was even going to run today.  Stupid question. . .I was only going to get out for 3 but that never happens - knowing I had a day of sitting at my desk for hours on end I rationalized that an extra 20 minutes on the trail was legit.  sigh.  It was a good run.  I'm running really well these last few days - After run…

5 miles- rainy - Wednesday -

A few quick observations-
-Compared to last Wednesday I'm feeling amazing.  With the Historic Half coming up on Sunday, and minimal residual pain in my hips, knee and calf, I've been pushing myself more than usual.  It feels utterly amazing. What that translates to for the half I have no clue but I do know that I'm pushing harder than I have in months.
-This morning was a great, uneventful 5-miler.  Oh, of note, I did dig out my new, purchased over 6 months ago [Small Business Saturday sale @ River Rock], back up pair of trail shoes.  I'm officially retiring the Merrells [the other pair I picked up @ River Rock on Small Business Saturday] I've been wearing all winter - they're stinky, the plastic in the toe is starting to wear through and well, they are trashed.  Well done!
- I'm committing to sort through my running gear at some point in the next few weeks. . tossing the shirts that stink, retiring the shorts that are big and flappy and regaining some clos…

5 miles -

When Ori woke me up at 0530 this morning the first sound (other than Ori) I heard was the familiar patter of rain - pouring rain - fortunately Ori heard it too and elected to stay in bed while I made my morning bathroom call.  I peeked outside and crawled back into bed - Ori didn't seem to mind, he curled up right next to me and settled back in to sleep. He started moving around again about 0645 so we did our normal cuddle/ 'rub my belly, mom'/scratch my head/ 'oh, I love you, I'm going to lay on my back while you rub my belly and thump-thump-thump my tail until you get a bruise on your shins' routine. Yes, I love my dog- all 90lbs of him.  Fortunately, by this time it's stopped pouring and the next hour of waking up, making coffee, reading emails was uneventful. . . reluctant to get up and out the door, but knowing I must - I dug in my shorts drawer and pulled out of booty shorts I only wear when it's raining (you all know the struggle of running in th…

Mother's Day run - for the non-human mothers - 9.5 miles

Happy Mother's Day! - Ori was such a good boy this morning.  Right about 0530 he woke me up but for whatever reason he never got out of bed when I did - okay, that's cool.  After getting up for a bathroom break myself, I climbed back into bed, Ori squirmed up next to me, laid his head on the pillow and we slept that way until 0700.  Such a good boy - Momma needed the sleep.  Kelley got to the house right at 0800 and we set out for a 8-10 mile run.  I'm tired. . I'm still tired.  I ran yesterday (7.5 miles) and it wasn't pretty - it was a beautiful day but my legs felt like lead. I'm glad that Kelley ran w/ me this morning. Had we not made plans to run together I would have bagged, no, that's not true but it wouldn't have been as long of a run or as enjoyable.  It took us right about 2 hours - perfect! 63 degrees, wind is blowing. I wrapped it up a/ 35 pushups, stretching and a 30-second plank.  Enjoying a nice brunch followed by errands before crashing …

to run or not to run ?

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo - yes, it's a hallmark-type holiday but it's so much fun (if you have the right type of friends to share it with). Having fun last night made this morning really difficult to get up and out the door for a run - couple that with endless days of rain - I thought that maybe I should walk. Instead I ran.  4-miles - easy peasy, right? ha. After the first 1/2 mile I almost regretted my decision to run. Something I've forgotten to mention is that on Tuesday I had a mole removed on my side.  The doctor, a spunky, old Army doctor, put in a few extra sutures. .. as she said, 'I know you're not, not going to run. . .might as well give you some extra support.' My side hurt, my quads hurt, my head hurt. . .I'm a mess. The run itself was mediocre but it was also something else.  The rain was coming down, the birds were chirping - everything is electric green. . .fresh and clean.  I'm glad I got out there today. until tomorrow. . .

1 and done - make that 6

This not running is starting to get to me - it's starting to get to Ori, too. I decided to test the legs - what was supposed to be a one and done - well, more like 3 and done - (it just doesn't have the same ring to it) after getting on the trail it felt good to 'come home'.  Right about mile 3.5 (on the return trip home) I began to regret pushing past my initial plan.  Well, you live and learn. . .I'll be sure to stretch and roll to make up for it. 

6 miles.

Rest - Day #4 - Wednesday

Rest days are always the hardest for me.  Even after a big event I'm always out and about the next day - I blame Ori for that but even without his puppy dog eyes and boundless energy I'd still be up and moving because the reality is that moving really does help with your recovery.  Today was active rest day #4 - After the ICY 8 I was up and running on Wednesday morning and I felt relief [and, do I say say, Euphoria?!] - I was back! I couldn't run today if I tried.  No, that's not true.  I could run if I had to but my quads would scream at me and I'd set myself back a few notches and I'm beyond hurting myself for a quick hit of endorphins.  Ha! So, instead of running I was out walking the trails w/ Ori - off to see if the mountain laurel is in bloom (not quite yet) - My Garmin says I'm at ~ 6 miles for the day - so much for resting.  

"Trust the timing of your life. . ."  Applies here, too.

Promise Land 50k - 2016

Take me to the Promise Land. . . .in previous race reports I’ve set the stage by writing about the activities leading up to the actual race, i.e., what I ate, what I did, the drive, observations, etc.. This time I’m going to focus on the race and then if I have enough brain energy I’ll come back and fill in pre-race details. To deviate from that plan for a quick note: I’m tired; anyone who has talked w/ me in the last 10 days has heard me say that at least as many times. Since starting down this ultra-centric path in February with the ICY-8 (February 6) the longest time I’ve had to rest was the five weeks between Holiday Lake 50k (February 13) and Terrapin Mountain 50k (March 19). Terrapin trashed my hips and quads and then I did a number on my calf two weeks later doing hill work in preparation for Promise Land 50k (April 30). . . I thought I was royally screwed for Bull Run Run 50M (April 9). My calf miraculously ‘healed’ and I ran BRR like a champ. . . but I messed up my knee (real…

Bull Run Run 50 miler - 2016

It's been a while since I've written up a race report but Bull Run Run is definitely a race worthy of reflection and sharing - It's Monday night and I'm sitting here sipping on a Bowman's Single Barrel - it's nice. So, BRR - sigh. So, bear w/ me while I bring us all up to speed - Back in September I reached out to Mike & Mel and asked if they wouldn't mind celebrating my birthday w/ me. They readily obliged and I think it was somewhere between dinner and dessert, after a couple bottles of wine and moving on to the cheesecake and whiskey, that Mike threw down the idea of running the LUS series this year. For the most part he'd taken the year off from running after having run the BEAST the year before, and well, I'd been feeling really apathetic about my running and figured it would be a good way to get me to focus -  and well, I needed to test my limits - if not now, then when (?) 

October, November, December rolled around - I put i…

Holiday Lake 50k++ - 2016

Again - Another retroactive race report -
I honestly didn't feel too bad after the ICY-8 - sure it was hard but it wasn't too bad.  I was back to running again the Wednesday after and it felt great.  Like Euphoria great - I had implemented a routine of going to bed early and I limited alcohol intake to ~4oz of beer or wine a night. I was feeling really healthy but more importantly, I was feeling good about myself. Right about mid-week I received a text from Mike - he was sick after the ICY-8 and it had gotten worse, like pneumonia worse and well, he was home from work and wasn't sure about running that weekend.  Now, Holiday Lake is about 2.5 hours away - on the other side of Farmville. We had planned on leaving Fredericksburg around 3:00 am, running the race and then coming home.  For whatever reason none of this phased me. I instinctively made the decision to take Ori to daycare for the night (no need to wake the beast at 2:00 am and then lock him up for the next 8 hours…

ICY 8 - 2016

Retroactively writing a race report - We'll see how this goes.
Leading up to the ICY-8 I decided that I needed to focus and get serious about my running if I was going to make it through the spring ultra season.  I'd gained at least 10 lbs since Thanksgiving (blame the beer and Christmas cookies, doh!) I brought Ori with me - it was a cold morning that much I remember.  After checking in I caught up w/ Mike for a bit and then gathered around for the pre-race brief. After the start I went back to my car, got Ori and we set off a good 5 minutes behind everyone - I didn't want him getting in anyone's way.  2016 is my 8th (?) year running this race.  I've missed a few years due to inactivity or snow storms (2010) but one thing is for sure, I've determined that no way, no how would I ever run the 8-mile loop - sigh.  With Ori in tow I made the decision to run the 8-mile loop twice so that he could run free without getting in anyone's way.  It was actually quite …