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Bull Run Run 2017

I've been terrible about keeping up this blog w/ race reports and training logs but it's my hope to get better.
Yesterday was the 25th Bull Run Run 50; it was my second running of it. The race is put on by the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (VHTRC) - this is there premiere event - it's a good one, too. I'm pretty sure you can find my race report from last year somewhere on this site, maybe I should go back and read it sometime. First of all, going into this run I didn't feel like I was actually going to run 50 miles. My world has been shaken up so much lately that writing Bull Run Run on my weekly to-do white board didn't seem like anything other than another assignment, a box to check off for the week. Friday I had hoped to have a relaxing day - you know, get shit done so that it was done for when I got home on Saturday night but the universe, aka, the JOB, had other plans. I got sucked into helping out on a deliverable that was FUBR w/ conflicting directi…

pre-Bull Run Run 2017

I'm not gonna lie.. . I'm terribly under-trained for the 2017 running of the Bull Run Run. If all the races last year were a personal affront given the foul weather (rain, sleet, snow and thunder in 2016) the weather for 2017 events are swinging too far in the 'nice' category to make up for it. . . i.e., ~65 degrees at the finish of Holiday Lake 50k AND Terrapin 50k. So far the weather looks to be holding at 38/65 and clear. If I keep a solid pace I'll do just fine.  For both Holiday Lake and Terrapin I came in just about 30 minutes over my time from last year - if the same holds true for Bull Run Run I'm looking to finish in ~11:50.  I'd be okay with that.