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Summer Training -

Serious training for Iron Mountain kicked off this last weekend when summer temps graced us w/ their presence.  I've abandoned the idea of training in the mountains (a momma bear w/ two cubs is enough to deter me running solo w/ Ori - for now) and am focusing on mileage and time on my feet coupled w/ strength exercises and plenty of resistance on the trainer. Last week I upped mileage and time on my feet during weekday morning runs - see even a reduction of work hours has it's silver lining- and then slogged through some 'long' runs in the heat over the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday afternoons I found myself on the couch and even napped for a couple of hours on Sunday.  Ori and I are feeling the burn this Monday morning and so 'rest' days will be incorporated into my routine once again.
Add kayaking to the mix every couple of nights and this summer is looking to be just what I need before classes pick up again in the fall.